June 23, 2021

Hemingway Village Civic Association

Home of the Hemingway Village Civic Association – Dublin, Ohio

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the dues mandatory?

Hemingway Village does not have a Homeowners Association but does have a Civic Association.  The dues are not mandatory but are strongly encouraged.

Who do I talk to about house additions or modifications?

When you are making a significant change to your house, you will need to check with the City of Dublin permit office. The City requires permits for the vast majority of home improvements both inside and out. 

Do I need to keep my dog on a leash when I walk him?

The city of Dublin has a standing leash law for pets.  Please keep your pets on a leash when walking them around the neighborhood.  This is for the safety of your pet as well as others.

Cleaning up after your pets

Please clean up after your pets when they are walked in the neighborhood.  No one wants to see dog mess in their yard.

What are deed restrictions and can they be enforced?

Deed restrictions were attached to all of the properties when the development was created. It was basic guidelines that were dictated to the builders by the City of Dublin. There is a copy of the deed restrictions posted on the website. 

When the development was created, they developers decided not to mandate a Home Owners Association and the accompanying mandatory dues and legal powers. It instead formed a Civic Association and left the enforcement of the City dictated restrictions to the City of Dublin to enforce.

If you feel that someone is violating the deed restrictions you can contact the City of Dublin’s code enforcement office.

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