Hemingway Village Civic Association Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

Thursday March 31, 2016 at 7-8pm

Dublin Community Rec Center

President Carl Forbush called the meeting to order and noted attendance of enough Association members to achieve a quorum.

2015 meeting minutes were read by Secretary Emily Rompage.

Some successes from 2015 were discussed:

-There are now 269 families with 414 total members on Nextdoor.com.

-The city addressed our parking concerns for Fourth of July and Irish Festival by limiting parking to one side of the street only.

Treasurer Amanda Wilson presented our financial report, and a copy was provided to attendees.There was a decline in paid memberships, and this was reflected by a reduced reserve amount.We discussed the need to increase our paid membership to avoid shortages that can be caused by unexpected repairs, such as charges incurred at the neighborhood entrance.

It was unanimously decided that the current officers would retain their positions for 2016.

Vice President Carrie Miller discussed our activity schedule.

-Easter Egg hunt had a record turn out!

-Garage sale in May

-4th of July float building is being taken over by the Pratt's who live on Old Pond.

-September 10, 2016 will be the date for our Harvest Party.There will be live music and the association will provide a bounce house for kids.Families can come with picnics.

-December Luminaries will continue, and we discussed how the process works.

There was a discussion about block parties.The City of Dublin requires unanimous agreement of all residents to close off a court, and also requires a permit fee to be paid.HVCA will pay the fee for any group of residents who can organize themselves to plan the event.

We discussed the need for more volunteers, most especially:

-A welcome committee for new residents

-A civic liaison who will attend city meetings and report back to nextdoor.com with relevant information.

-A Facebook coordinator, or a team of helpers to work on updating our neighborhood Facebook page.

-We discussed the National Night Out on Tuesday August 2, 2016.It would be fun to participate in this event.

Respectfully Submitted,

Emily Rompage, Secretary