Hemingway Village Civic Association Annual Membership Meeting

Held Wednesday March 25, 2015 from 7-8pm at the Dublin Community Rec Center

The meeting was opened by President Carl Forbush. He acknowledged that were more than 8 households represented at the meeting.

Carl opened with an explanation of our new neighborhood communication tool Nextdoor.com.We discussed ways this forum is beneficial with information posted by the City of Dublin, and also ways to adjust settings to reduce the number of notifications that come to email.

The financial report prepared by Treasurer Amanda Smith was given by Carl.Amanda was unable to attend due to a family circumstance.A copy of the financial report was provided to attendees.We met our previous goal of 50% household dues payment with 211 households.The new goal is to have 289 paid households.

It was moved and seconded that the existing officers remain in office for 2015.

We waived reading of previous minutes.

Vice President Carrie Miller discussed our social calendar of events to include:

Easter Egg Hunt in April

Neighborhood Garage Sale in May

July 4th Parade Float

Fall Harvest Party September 12th at Coffman Park

OSU Bonfire/Fall Harvest Party in October at Sweeny Park

Provide candles for Luminaries in December

She asked for volunteers to sign up for events they can help plan and organize, and make suggestions of any new events that would be fun.

We discussed a need for an Association member to attend the City of Dublin meetings so we can bring points of concern to that person to share with the City and also to report back.Some issues that were mentioned include snow plow drivers piling snow over the crosswalks and safety issues of students walking to school.Also the effect of parking related to the 4th of July fireworks and The Irish Festival on our neighborhood.

We discussed a new neighbor welcome packet and will explore options that the City of Dublin may offer.

We discussed the fact that there are a few rental homes in the neighborhood and that those families can pay dues and join in the events, but will not be voting members of the Association.

We voted to keep the annual dues payment the same for 2015.

Respectfully Submitted,

Emily Rompage, Secretary