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  • Hemingway Village

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Welcome to the Hemingway Village Civic Association

  • Hemingway Village is a neighborhood of 414 homes in Dublin, Ohio.
  • Our kids go to Scottish Corners Elementary, Karrer Middle School and Coffman High School.
  • Hemingway Village Civic Association organizes our neighborhood events such as the 4th of July float, Holiday Luminaires, Easter Egg Hunt, Fall Neighborhood Festival and Neighborhood Garage Sale.



The Hemingway Village Civic Association will have our annual meeting on March 31, 2020 at 7:30 at the Dublin Community Rec Center. The new fiscal year will begin on April 1st.


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2020 Dues

The Hemingway Village Civic Association 2020 dues have been kept at just $20 per household. The Association uses this money to maintain the front entryway at Adventure and Coffman, build a 4th of July Float, host various social events throughout the year and much more. Please support your association by paying your dues online with Paypal or drop a check in the mail to the Treasurer, Amanda Wilson at 5389 Adventure Dr.

Please go HERE to pay your annual dues

Current HVCA Officers


Amy Nolan - 5548 Old Pond Dr.

Vice President:



Amanda Wilson - 5389 Adventure Dr.


Emily Rompage - 5525 Adventure Dr.